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Edelman - Gardner 2020, A year in review

2020 was a challenging year to say the least. Most, if not all, were put to the test in limits we never thought possible in our lifetime. Everything stopped. Some of you have suffered with COVID 19. Someone you know may have lost their battle with COVID 19. In the darkest of times, we did not have to look to far to be thankful. Thankful for the teachers whose desk was now in the Kitchen or Basement. The extra effort they gave to help their students learn independently will hopefully help them flourish in the future. The Doctors, PA’s, and nurses that risk their own lives to help heal, console, or to take the place of a family member that was not allowed to be there. Our First Responders that still went on calls, treated people not knowing if they were being exposed. Finally, our Law Enforcement who has had to endure the unrest and desperate people trying to cope with such craziness. With all I just listed, it shows hope.

One thing that did not stop was the need for Cancer Research. The Edelman – Gardner CRF, understood that the researchers at Wilmot needed us now more than ever. We were able to continue our commitment and completed our 2nd year of a 5-year commitment of $50,000 during this crazy time. Our 4th of 5 will be in May of 2022.

We are doing things differently. Looking for ways to do fundraising that is less on our businesses and our supporters. We have added Amazon Smiles, which donates .05 cents of a purchase to our Charity if you select it. We also have an account for bottle recycles at Hilton 5 cent bottle dispensary. We will continue with our other fundraisers like Golf Tournament, Community Garage Sale, Return of the Walk-a-thon and a Memorial Cookbook. 

I am currently serving on a team at Wilmot. I am a Co-Chair of the Community Driven Research Team. This is one of 4 teams that make up the Community Cancer Action Council (CCAC). This committee is working on providing communication, programs, community discussions on current projects, and general roundtable discussions relative to Cancer and the Community within Wilmot’s Catchment area. The catchment area serves 27 counties and over 3,000,000 people. I have learned the importance in this is to be reminded that everyone, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender deserves the same opportunities for cancer treatments, and clinical trials.

Wilmot Cancer Institute is applying for the NCI (National Cancer Institute) designation in September of 2021. This will bring more opportunities for research and grant money that can help us all fight this disease.

In summary, it has been a challenging year but your continued support over the past 40 years has enabled the foundation to weather this storm and keep the momentum going. You should all feel good about that.

Thank you for all you do to help us in this Journey. We have many angels that we have committed to keep the fight going. I think they are looking down at us all and saying “Job well Done. Keep Going”.

Stay safe and hope to be able to see you all soon.

Karen, Sue, John, Cheryl, Margaret, Courtney, and Billy

Edelman-CRF Board of Directors