Edelman-Gardner Cancer Research Foundation

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A good example of "It all starts with one" . A young man gives us all a lesson!

Here it is 2018, there seems to be more unrest, frustration, good politics, bad politics, and everyone is weighing in on whos right and who's wrong. Now we are hearing about the new trends of young adults eating Tide Pods, drugs, and the opiod crisis. There are days when it seems like no one is talking about the good things that give us hope. I wish this article was big enough to share but this young man in the picture is a Senior in Newtown Connecticut . He had his own fight going on. His mom (my cousin) has Multiple Myeloma. One of the keys to this treatment is Blood. He wanted to do something, so he organized a Blood Drive. It was successful but he recognized it could have been bigger if the State of Connecticut would allow those under the age of 17 to donate blood. So he didn't stop there. Below is a picture of Harry at the State Capital speaking on behalf of his mom to change legislation. He has a real shot at making this happen. Because as most of you know our whole premise of the Foundation is it all started with one. 34 years ago Harry, we started with pop cans, penny jars, and other things. We have given over a $1,000,000 for Cancer Research.  There are major things for you in the future. You are the "it all started with one". Keep going, we are so proud of what you are doing. We love you Shelly!!! He gets the fight from you!!!!