Edelman-Gardner Cancer Research Foundation

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What's Up

The above pictures were from our 2014 Ladies Golf. A Special thanks to Cheryl Edelman and the other folks that helped. Y'all rock!

A great time was had by all Thanks to Spikes for coming and having some fun with the ladies..

Special thanks to Dr "Hucky" for taking the time out of his weekend to come and share his research news and to reinforce the importance and impact the foundation has had and continues to have on research.

Forget about me smooching Spikes, the message is more important..

Ladies, Because of you,

The ladies Golf has contributed greater than $160,00. It is the longest running Edelman - Gardner CRF Fundraising event

To all of our supporters

If you donated your pennies, bought a raffle ticket, sponsored a rider/walker, bought a book, road a canoe, played golf, euchre, turned your pop/beer cans to Sammy Miller, donated your tip jar from the Hilton Carnival, or was the last man standing, it is because of all of you...

We have contributed well over $500,000 in the last 10 year commitment.

In total we have given Wilmot over $1,000,000 since our beginning

One of our seed projects net a return of $7.6 million to Wilmot from the National Cancer Institute

Because of you we were nominated by Wilmot Cancer Institute as a candidate for National Philanthropy for outstanding Foundation

A seed project we were involved in just received an additional $2 million in grant money to Wiomnt from NCI (National Cancer Institute).

It is difficult, at times, for all of us (including the Board) to remember all of the good that we have created together . because there is a constant reminder we have much left to do but.....................

Because of you people are living longer and most of all

Because of you, there is hope.

                                                      Thank you all!!

Fundraisers in mind?????

Do you know anyone that wants to raise money for cancer??? We are always looking for ideas to raise money for research.

Anything you want to see in the website????? Let me know by sending me a note.

Planting seeds of Hope

On January 30th, the Wilmot Cancer Center hosted an event; "Planting seeds of Hope". George, Cheryl, Lori, George and I gave them a hand and answered the phones. It was fun and it felt good to help them...they have been there to support us in our efforts.