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What's Up

Wow what a year we had. It has tak to me a while to get my thoughts together and write about it.  For many of you it was a tough year.  It was, at times , equally as tough for the Board as well. It was different than what some of you have gone through but tough just the same. It seems that every day you hear of someone else that has been impacted by this dreaded disease. This sometimes overshadowns the many good things that are happening with the dollars you so generously have donated.

So what happened in 2013? We gave our final installment of $50, 000 to our $250,000 commitment to the Wilmot Cancer Center. We have also commited to an additional $250,000.

We had an article featured on the Foundation efforts in the Wilmot Cancer Center Dialogue. We had 2 fund raising events; Women's Golf  where we honored Annie Hall and Mary Tillibien for their continued and unwavery support in spite of what their family has been through.

One of the special highlights was having Helen Smith attend our dinner and speak of her experience at Wilmot. To see this incredibly strong woman and a survivor at that....makes it all worth it. 

We also learned through our survivor theme that some of our participants were indeed survivors.  It is a good reminder for all of us that we have many warriors still fighting.

One of toughest things in 2013 is the passing of Bob Diedrich. He was such a strong supporter  of the foundation. I will miss him sitting at the table at our board meetings. He was usually the one that kept us grounded. For those of you that know me and the boys....that was not an easy task.

We also lost a dear friend and supporter to the Womens Golf and to many of you. She was an individual that spent her time, energy, and laughter to bring a smile to many children in spite of her own battle.. RIP Judy Raymond.  Bumpkin will be missed.

So....the foundation is alive and well and continuing to fight for you and because of you. We need to be reminded, probably to often,  that what we are doing is working. We pledge to do what we can to let you know some good things to keep us all grounded. Thanks to all for what you have done and what you continue to do keep us moving forward. ...

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Planting seeds of Hope

On January 30th, the Wilmot Cancer Center hosted an event; "Planting seeds of Hope". George, Cheryl, Lori, George and I gave them a hand and answered the phones. It was fun and it felt good to help them...they have been there to support us in our efforts.