Edelman-Gardner Cancer Research Foundation

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YOU...... Did it Again

On January 21, the Board participated in the "Seeds of Hope" telethon. In a few short minutes we met a young man that came down to meet us. His name is Max Popp. He is a research Scientist that was working on a seed project focusing on Ra. His research was successful and they have applied for additional grant money from the National Cancer Institute. He was high energy and very thankful for what you have all continued to make possible.

We have all been in this fight to research this disease. We have made many strides towards improving the quality of life for many and in some cases because of your support people are living longer.

We will continue to strive to do more. Our commitment to you and yours has not waivered. There are days when it  is feels like we have not done near enough. 

Those  moments together with the appreciation  and "Thank you" from the researchers fuel the fire to renew our commitment to you and to those we have lost.

Congratulations to Max Pop and the team!! You are very welcome!!!


Ladies Golf at Timber Ridge

July 27th - See Karen Hermance or Cheryl Edelman for details

Men's Fathers Day Eve Golf  Tournament    See George Edelman or George Kauffman