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It started with one

George Edelman was the “It started with one” reference we refer to today. It was his determination and commitment to raise money for Cancer Research right in our own backyard. He created a strong partnership with the University of Rochester which then became the Wilmot Cancer Institute. It was Grass roots fundraising that he used to ignite the incredible energy and commitment of many to make a difference.

A section of his eulogy that best describes what he believed in.

He was never the Grand Marshall of the parade, the citizen of the year, or won any awards, such as the ESL Jefferson award. Should he have??? I do believe he should have been all three. But he did things the way he wanted. He wasn’t for pomp and circumstance; he didn’t like accolades and didn’t ever want it to be about what he started. His only goal was to raise $$$ to find a cure for Cancer. He was only comfortable being behind the scenes.

It wasn’t about him. It was about helping others avoid the pain of losing a loved one to Cancer.