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Sally Edelman – Harry Gardner Cancer Research Foundation

2023 Review

Wow, what a year! Inspite of what is going on around us, there are some bright spots. Wilmot Cancer Institue is working hard to get their NCI designation, ramping up Clinical trials, and enhancing their communication back to the community.
We try to do our part to let you know how your $$$ are working. Please refer to “Dr’s Corner” page. Some of our Successes……
• Completed our 4th $250,000 pledge to Wilmot
• Committed to an additional $250,000 at $50,000/year for the next 5 years
• Board of Directors agreed to increase annual donation when annual fundraising campaign exceeds our norm
• Celebrated our $1,000,000 given to Wilmot in the last 20 years at a Gala for sponsors and voluteers
• Donation an additional $10,000 and presented check to Wilmot at the 2023 Gala
• To date we have given Wilmot $1,5000,000 for research
We are able to do what we do because of the many people that make this all possible. Every year we have another reason to keep moving forward. Someone else has been touched by this disease. I can only imagine how tough it is for some to hear our cheers talk about doing awesome on this journey. We don’t ever want to minimize what some of you are going through but we need to keep pressing and trying to keep you informed of our progress we see. When I say our, that includes all of you! We would not be here if it wasn’t for your support.
I have been fortunate to Chair Wilmot’s Community Cancer Action Council for the last 2 years. It gives me greater insight to the internal workings of Wilmot. Our charge is to bring the voice of the community to Wilmot. We do this by gaining an understanding of the process; pre/post diagnosis, what the gaps are and what is needed to make sure YOU get the answers you need as a patient, caregiver, Survivors, and funders. This Council was requested by Dr. Friedberg, director of the Wilmot Cancer Institute.
They also asked me to sit on the Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee for Clinical Trials. The foundation has a big voice because of what you have helped us do.
Special “Thank you” to all of our committee members and Volunteers.
Ladies Golf – Cheryl Edelman, Cindy Newman, Sue Corey, Karen Hermance
Time Machine Music Festival – Kathy Diedrich, Rich Edelman, Joan and Lenny Palmisano, Sharon Zwetsch, Linda Frankenberger, Don Walsh, Cheryl Edelman, Craig Corey, and Karen Hermance
Cupcakes for Cancer – Cindy Lutwiler, Karen Devay, Karmen Penders, and Frankie
Eucher – Cindy Newman
Last Man Standing
March Madness
Hilton Fire Department – Donated Music Festival Drink Proceeds       We wish you all a Happy, Safe, and Healthy 2024
Karen, Sue, Jon, Cheryl, Craig, Johnny, Courtney, Margaret
It's baaaaack
Cupcakes for Cancer
Having some fun raising money for Cancer