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Sally Edelman – Harry Gardner Cancer Research Foundation

Happy New Year to all our Friends and Family of the Sally Edelman – Harry Gardner Cancer Research Foundation.

As we forge ahead into 2023, I think it’s important to glance, and I do mean a glance into the rear-view mirror to see where we came from in 2022.

2022 a year in review.

It’s a little late but wanted to give you all an update on our 2022 year in review.

We are still going strong. In May of 2022 we gave Wilmot our annual donation of $50,000. They used our donation as a challenge for other at the Wilmot Discovery Ball.

We improved our Social Media efforts through improvement of our website and Facebook page. As we learn about our website mechanics we will be adding videos and links to some of the activity going on at Wilmot under DR’s Corner. We hope at some time in the future to be able to have people use that as a place to discuss their experience for not only Cancer Patients but caregivers as well.

We want you to know that you are truly making a difference. I am leading a team at Wilmot that will help us develop a better process to communicate what your dollars are doing.

We are Committed to make our commitment even stronger. We have added 3 individuals to our Board of Directors. Craig Corey, Jon Semmler, and Cindy Newman.

We have also added some additional fundraising events to our Tool Chest. Time Machine Music Festival brought out some unbelieveable talent. One of the bands was a group of high school students, most from Hilton. They delivered a performance that had everyone rocking it out. We had 8 amazing bands that donated their time for the cause.

Sharren Jermyn’s Handcrafts for Hope that makes microwave cozies that are amazing.

March Madness and the Amazing ladies that have been showing up  for many years to support our Ladies Golf.

Edelman – Gardner has gotten a lot of recognition from not only the Executive leadership but Scientists and Researchers as well. The work we do is held in high regard and everyone has heard about the foundation in one way or another.

I think George and all our angels would be very proud of what we have accomplished together. Yes, YOU have had a huge part in making this happen!

Because of you we will be completing our 4th $250,000 pledge in May of 2023. That brings us to a total of $1,000,000 in just the last 20 years that we have given to Wilmot for research projects.

Unfortunately, we will never know how much we have helped someone by giving them a better quality of life, or maybe a status of now being called a survivor because of what we have accomplished together.

Our sincere Thanks to all of you for walking with us. We still have more road to conquer but you have made a difference. All the best for a safe and healthy 2023.

Edelman Gardner Cancer Research Board of Directors

From Our Team

We have lost so many. At times, it doesn’t feel right to say we have made such a difference when so many of you have lost loved ones or are fighting the fight yourselves. Please remember, we aren’t stopping! We will continue to support research and fight for you, for me, and for those that are now our angels.

We wish you all a safe, happy, and healthy 2023.

Karen, Sue, Craig, John, Cheryl, Margaret, Courtney, Jon, and Cindy