Edelman-Gardner Cancer Research Foundation

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 About the Sally Edelman - Harry Gardner Cancer Research Foundation

The Sally Edelman-Harry Gardner Cancer Research Foundation was founded in 1984 with an established goal to raise $1,000,000 specifically for Cancer Research.

The genesis was in 1973 when George Edelman Jr. started the ?$buck board$? after seeing something similar at the Edgewater Restaurant. It had not yet been realized what direction his idea would take and the difference a small town would eventually make.

After the death of Harry Gardner in 1977, George started a campaign to raise money that would go directly to research a cure for cancer without associated administrative costs. In talking with the American Cancer Society, George found their policies conflicted with what he wanted to accomplish. The A.C.S. was glad to accept the money; however, they would decide the manner in which the money was spent. Realizing the conflict in thinking, they suggested that George contact the University of Rochester Cancer Research Center. He did so, establishing a strong relationship that has continued to this day. Their first project together was to purchase a Chromatography unit, accomplishing this within three years.

In 1981 George faced a personal tragedy that reinforced his drive to raise money to research this dreaded disease. George?s wife Sally was diagnosed with cancer and with her death in 1982, his personal goal became a mission. Hence, the Sally Edelman - Harry Gardner Cancer Research Foundation was created. The foundation would be positioned in a way to place the monies raised during our campaigns directly into investments. The interest and dividends gained would fund research projects in the Rochester area through the University of Rochester James P. Wilmot Cancer Center.

The goal was now clear. The foundation will raise $1,000,000 with 100% of the money allocated for research. There have been numerous articles published in medical journals citing the foundation as contributors of ?Seed? grant monies to researchers. ?Seed? grants are monies the foundation donates to the leaders of the Wilmot Cancer Center. They, in turn, select the primary research project to support. The hope is that the ?seed? so planted results in further monetary support by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Health. This activity has been very successful in helping to secure additional grants for Wilmot researchers.

In 2002, the Edelman ? Gardner Cancer Research Foundation made the first $250,000 commitment, giving $50,000 /year to fund seed projects. In October of 2012, the foundation fulfilled its second commitment of $250,000 and have committed to an additional $250,000 for Cancer Research.

 In addition to the monetary contribution from the foundation to Wilmot, we have given the University of Rochester over $600,000 to purchase equipment, provide grants, award fellowships, and support research projects This brings our total monetary donation to well over $1.1 million for Cancer Research from the Edelman - Gardner Cancer Research Foundation.                                                                                                                           

Due to the success of the initial research projects, the research scientists were able to receive additional funding of $7.6 million dollars from the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Health.

Some of our major projects

Prediction of the proliferation capacity of tumors\

hronobiological effects in cancer treatment

Manipulation of blood flow to improve the responses of tumor 

Micro RNA Profiling of Recurrent Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Liver Transplant

Currently, we have over $1,000,000 earning solid dividends. We have accomplished this with the support of many. Donations, fundraising events, memorials, and the many that have supported us, worked side by side with us, and those that believed that one person, one idea can give hope to the many that need us.
In 2011, the Edelman ? Gardner Cancer Research Foundation was honored with a nomination by the J P Wilmot Cancer Center for ?Outstanding Foundation? on National Philanthropy Day.  

The foundation has five seated board members that keep the Edelman ? Gardner Cancer research Foundation staying true to its mission; to put our monies into Cancer research. This foundation exists because of friends and supporters volunteering time, individually and collectively. All have made a difference.

It all began with one person wanting to make a difference and has grown from a commitment of one to the commitment of many. It started 39 years ago with a ?Buck Board? and has evolved into a non-profit organization and a strong partner in the fight against Cancer. The Sally Edelman and Harry Gardner Cancer Research Foundation is alive and well and our commitment to support research for a cure is as strong today as it was 30+ years ago.

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