Edelman-Gardner Cancer Research Foundation

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The Sally Edelman-Harry Gardner Cancer Research Foundation is a non-profit organization with the focus of raising money for Cancer Research. The foundation was established in 1984 with the goal of raising a $1,000,000 for Cancer Research.

In 1973 George Edelman Jr. started the “$buck board$”. When that was started, no one had any idea the momentum this effort would take. Especially the support of the many people and businesses in the small town of Hilton that supported the cause.

After the death of a friend, Harry Gardner in 1977, and George’s wife Sally Edelman, George started a campaign to raise money that would go directly to research a cure for cancer. In 1984 the Sally Edelman and Harry Gardner Research Foundation was established.

The journey started out with a brief stint with the American Cancer Society. Because the mission was to raise money to go directly to research, George opted to partner with the University of Rochester where all money raised would go directly to research without any administrative costs. The foundation would be positioned in a way to place the monies raised during our campaigns directly into investments. The interest and dividends gained would fund research projects in the Rochester area through the University of Rochester James P. Wilmot Cancer Institute.

34 years later, continues to fund research project and continues their strong and successful partnership with the Wilmot Cancer Institute.Their first project together was to purchase a Chromatography unit accomplishing this within three years.

There have been numerous articles written and published in medical journals citing the foundation as contributors of “Seed” grant monies to researchers. “Seed” grants are monies the foundation donates to the leaders of the Wilmot Cancer Center. They, in turn, select the primary research project to support. The hope is that the “seed” so planted results in further monetary support by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Health. This activity has been very successful in helping to secure additional grants for Wilmot researchers.

The foundation has funded research projects that specialize in colon, ovarian and breast cancer.

In November of 2017, the foundation will complete their 3rd 5 year commitment of $50,000 per year. That will total $750,000 from the Sally Edelman and Harry Gardner Cancer Research Foundation that was given to Wilmot Cancer Institute for research during the last 15 years. Prior to that we have purchased equipment, awarded fellowships, and given Dollars to support research projects.

In summary, we have given over $1,000,000 for Cancer Research. To date we have over $1,000,000 earning solid dividends  so we can continue to fund research projects. This was done with the help of many through bowling, euchre, golf tournaments, memorials, bottle and penny collections, walk-a-thons, Poker Runs, and many donations from our local businesses. The foundation created a base of monies for investment. This base is growing and has funded research projects to aid in the cure for cancer. It is because of the volunteers and participants in the Hilton community and surrounding towns, we are where we are today.

It all began with one person wanting to make a difference and has grown from one to the commitment of many. The foundation has five members sitting on its Board of Directors.  This foundation exists because of friends and supporters volunteering time, individually and collectively. All have made a difference.

Please visit our website at www.edelmancrf.com for more information.

Thank you!

George Edelman Jr.


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