42nd Annual Ladies Golf for Cancer

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It's baaaaack

42nd Ladies Golf  Tournament

For Cancer Research  

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2022 Ladies Golf Registration Form

Having some fun raising money for Cancer
Cupcakes for Cancer

Cindy Lutwiller and Shear Emotion are at it again. They dedicate the month of October to raise money for Cancer Research through their Cupcakes for Cancer. She has no extended it to A Bingo event and the awesome Facebook page fundraiser called “I love Moms”. Please check Shear Emotion facebook page… Shear Emotions I love Moms and see the goodies that are available for raffle. Most importantly, stop in and say Hi by supporting our local businesses. In a time when most are trying to recoup, Shear Emotion is giving back.

Thanks to Cindy and her staff for supporting Edelman-Gardner Cancer Research Foundation!!