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For many years our focus, with your support, has enabled the Foundation to make a difference in the Cancer Research arena at Wilmot. We hope you know we appreciate you so much.

As some of you know, being diagnosed with Cancer is a lonely and scary time. We would like to have a place for those willing to share your story, your struggles and your triumphs. What did you need then and still need now from friends, family, services, and Wilmot?
We can do 1:1 interviews or you can share your story by submitting it to me@ You can use your name or remain anonymous. This blog can be interactive so words of encouragement can be listed or service suggestions added.
We hope you or others you know will use this process to share your story in a way that others can see they aren’t along. Others will be able to comment, give you can take advantage of this as a way of you knowing you have our continued support.

Updated 4/20/22

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